Thursday, September 11, 2008


August 1987 - Red Rum had recorded it's first song, "Conquerin Man". In October, I had solicited a coworker, Lynn, to finance our second recording. Mark wrote the music; and we used the lyrics I had written back in 1986. The song was called "Please Wait". I drew up a contract and gave it to Lynn to sign; Lynn in turn gave me a check to pay for the studio time and song recording. Lynn and her husband Brian came to the studio the day we recorded the song. They both seemed to like the song; and we gave them a copy of the recording.

Halloween is now approaching: On a Saturday night the band (Deniz (vocals), Mark (lead guitar), Rich (bass), Kenny (drummer) and me (Kenny Leibow) were going out to a Halloween festival near the University of Miami. Along with other friends, there were about 10 of us. We went in 3 cars. When we arrived, we parked on a big grass field which was full with hundreds of other cars. There were rides, games, haunted house etc; it was a lot of fun. We didn't hang out in one big group the whole time; some of us split up.

Around 11 pm I and a couple of friends headed back to where the cars were parked. About 15 minutes later everyone else arrived except for Kenny (drummer), not to confuse the story with me (Kenny Leibow) same first name. Deniz and I asked what happened to Kenny (drummer)? Someone said that Kenny (drummer) just went on his own and didn't hang out with anyone. Deniz and I suggested let's wait a little bit longer. The festival was closing and there were only a few cars left parked on the grass. I then proceeded to head back to my apartment with some friends; however Deniz and Rich decided to look for Kenny (drummer).

I remember Kenny (drummer) as a young, happy, witty guy who could really play the drums fast. Recently, at the time, he supposedly was in his car waiting in line at a bank drive-thru to make a deposit for work. While waiting in his car, he was held up at knife point and robbed. This experience traumatized him. ***** Back to the story - The next morning Deniz told me he saw Kenny (drummer) walking down the road about 2 miles away; at that point it was close to midnight. When they went to turn back around, they lost him. Deniz and Rich proceeded to Kenny's (drummer) house. He was there, which then turned into an unpleasant confrontation whereby Kenny (drummer) was clearly upset, angry and unstable. Kenny (drummer) exclaimed that we purposely left him at the festival; however this was completely untrue.

Sadly we were never able to reconcile with Kenny (drummer) and the band broke up. Deniz and Rich became part of the new group Mystix with Lawrence and Leo. We never heard from Kenny (drummer) again. Deniz later hated the song "Please Wait"; and became very critical of the recording. A couple weeks passed since the festival; late on a Friday, I had a motor cycle accident which left me seriously injured; and it ended with the death of a close friend as a consequence of the accident. A few years later Lynn's husband, who was at the recording session, died in a plane crash resulting from hitting the side of a mountain.

This blog entry is dedicated to those that had suffered from the tragedies mentioned above. They all had good spirits and will always be loved and missed. You can listen to the recording "Please Wait" on this blog.

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